Ok, so this is weird right? You were expecting a pretty decent stock website weren’t you? Well the truth is,
we take quite a bit of pleasure in subverting and exceeding expectations so we thought we could use this as an opportunity to tell you about ourselves in a different way. So, we’re full service, which means from strategy to execution and beyond but that’s really only a means to an end.
What we really do is all wrapped up in our mantra “MUSE INSPIRES”.

Inspires what though?

Long answer:
Short answer:

We’ve realized that people usually ask for a campaign, an ad or maybe some social media presence but what they’re really looking for are solutions. Creating a solution involves understanding the problem, issue or need in totality before we start designing our response. For example, we were asked for a radio ad to create some excitement around a liquor brand. Problem: The brand was unable to find a truly innovative way to cut through the clutter. Solution: Instead of a radio ad we created a full 3-minute song produced by some of Jamaica’s finest talent and created a multi-platform campaign surrounding the launch of the song. The coolest part? Buying 6 back to back radio spots in multiple islands and coordinating a simultaneous “premiere” to play the song in full on live radio. Our inspirations are driven by the incorporation of Design Thinking and a truly collaborative and agile management of our projects. We’ve done it for Campari, Skyy, ICWI and a few other secret ones that we can’t tell you about and our directors have been doing it for NCB, Digicel, Appleton Special, GraceKennedy and a few others for a while now. So that’s a little about us. Feel free to hit us up using the contacts below to learn more and so that we can learn some more about you. Mamba out.

On behalf of the Musers,

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